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Solar Energy


Our Asset Management expertise is supported by our professionals who individually combine Financial and Engineering skills. We have managed numerous assets globally in virtually all of the infrastructure and energy asset classes. We spent many years working at project level, taking care of  assets on the ground. 


Aediles is providing best-in-class asset management to its clients.  Supported by years of experience in managing  infrastructure and energy asset either at project or portfolio levels, we deliver simple, efficient and creative solutions.  We are strong believers in pro-active asset management, focused on the implementation of long-term operational plans seeking to improve the original investment cases.


Improve risk-adjusted return profile of an asset by mitigating technical and contractual risk

Contract management

Optimizing value through our hard earned experience of dealing with Clients, subcontractors, services providers and third parties


Lifecycle budget, Project Management, Cost control, Monitoring, Change order management

Director services

Providing independent, highly experienced Executive and Non-Executive Directors to protect the owner's interests

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