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Charles Doucet Aediles
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Charles Doucet, M.Sc Fin

Charles Doucet is a senior executive with Hydro Québec International. Up until recently, Charles was the General Manager of Hydro-Quebec Pension Plan, a $23B+ defined-benefit pension fund.  He joined Hydro-Quebec in 2003 where he held the position of Executive Vice-President for Hydro-Quebec International. In 2007, he was nominated as General Manager of Hydro-Quebec Pension Plan. Prior to joining the firm, he was Senior Manager of international Investments at Solidarity Fund QFL, representing the Fund on several Boards of directors. He also worked as Senior Manager for United Nations, as well as Financing Officer for Export Development Canada.


He received a M.Sc., International Management with specialization in Finance from HEC, University of Montreal.

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